It’s What You Can’t See (that matters most)

There is a natural order of operations in building a custom home. The foundation is commencement. It sets the stage for every consequent function. The foundation is the most vital structural element of a home because it is the backbone that feeds every other member. If the foundation is compromised, it is only a matter of time before everything collapses under stress and strain.

Every structural component that follows the foundation is designed to tie in to it through a series of structural connections. The entire assembly connects to and pulls from a grounded foundation. And once a house is complete, we rarely if ever see, and virtually never think of the foundation. Yet it endures—providing stability, safety, and balance. It continues to enrich and provide for every facet of the edifice.

I accept that I too, exactly like a house, rely upon a foundation. And my foundation is absolutely as vital to my personal stability, safety, and balance as that of a custom home we build. Also, my foundation is the footing by which any and all growth I hope to experience is possible. Conversely, rather than a composition of concrete and rebar, my foundation is comprised of the following elements: physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, and mental wellbeing.

I will expound upon each of these vital elements individually in the next series of articles, because they are truly the cornerstones of my personal foundation. Without proper awareness of their condition, and consistent maintenance, my foundation is compromised. I am, like one of our homes, destined to fail if I allow such a state of disrepair to persist.

Please take some time to consider your own foundation as we grow into greater personal development by identifying and nurturing sturdy and resilient cornerstones. Please take some time to think and share about the finished product of your life—the exterior finish you project out into the world. In the homes we build, the finished product is a representation and extension of the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail that has poured into every step, starting with a safe, stable, strong foundation. This is not illustrative of every structure, unfortunately. Many homes project incredibly appealing finishes, which merely hide fragile and vulnerable frames and foundations.


It’s what you can’t see that allows this all to be.


We will build strong foundations together. We will develop a shared understanding of what vital parts are crucial to a healthy foundation. I will share my process of finding a vision of a healthy foundation and fostering goals that support the vision. Growth of a personal foundation, and the subsequent structure, relies upon actions that are congruent with personal goals. I’ll share how I’ve learned to act in support of my cornerstones, and then what follows is an exterior projection that is consistent with the man I aspire to be. When I do this, my finish naturally matches my foundation. Who I project myself to be is simply who I am.  We can do this together. We can start by building a better foundation together, and then we can build a better world together.





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9 thoughts on “It’s What You Can’t See (that matters most)

  1. […] My foundation grants the degree of personal freedom that corresponds to the work I’ve put into it. My foundation allows me to dream. Those dreams generate goals. Assessing my goals with clarity allows me to identify positive actions that are congruent and consistent with those goals. It all starts with my foundation. Without it, I don’t have the freedom to dream and to build a better self. Construction taught me that a house starts with and builds through the foundation. Construction taught me that the man I want to be starts from and builds through my personal foundation. […]


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